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Lake Geneva News

10 Best Vacation Spots Within Driving Distance of Chicago

  • 10 Best Vacation Spots within driving distance to Chicago

Did you know Lake Geneva is among the top 10 best vacations spots within driving distance of Chicago?

"While Lake Geneva may be the best known of Chicago-area retreats, at 90 minutes away you still can’t beat it."


The 6 Most Beautiful Lakes in the U.S.

Lake Geneva makes the list again, this time pertaining to Geneva Lake which is listed among the 6 most beautiful lakes in the U.S.

"The same-named body of water in Europe may be better known, but Wisconsin's Lake Geneva is a lovely place to spend a summer weekend statside."


  • 6 Most Beautiful Lakes in the U.S.

Five Must-See Vacation Destinations

  • Five Must-See Vacation Destinations

Lake Geneva made the list for Northwest Quarterly Magazine's five must-see vacation destinations!  READ ABOUT IT

Women's Weekend Lake Geneva

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I don’t know about you, but I for one am enjoying this beautiful spring day here in Southeastern Wisconsin! It’s exciting to see the ice layers melt away and the open water of Geneva Lake get larger by the hour. The warmth and sun is making me anxious to get out and enjoy the fresh air… heck I may even take an afternoon and pamper myself a little bit. We all deserve to do that once in a while, right?

Better yet, why not grab some girlfriends for an overnight and a few laughs?! I think a women’s weekend getaway is just want the doctor ordered, don’t you? But sometimes it’s difficult to find something that is the right fit for everyone or the options are limited. I’ve done my research and spa days are nice with mimosa’s and pedicures…. perhaps followed by some shopping and a bite to eat… then what? Wouldn’t it be better to look for one place to plan an entire weekend that everyone of your lady friends would be able to enjoy and we can break off and do your own thing? It seems the only place to do something like that is in downtown Chicago or Madison, but sometimes us as women don’t want the hustle and bustle of hitting up a major city. We’ll I’m excited to tell you that Lake Geneva came up with an amazing concept of dedicating the same weekend every year and calling it “Women’s Weekend.” Here is a sneak peak:

The Lake Geneva Women’s Weekend really is the answer to all your individual womanly pampering needs. This year’s event is April 24-26 and guess what? There’s still time and space available to register! Take a look at the Schedule of Events and Workshops for yourself. Here’s the local Women’s Weekend Press Release about the retreat.

Looks good doesn’t it? Well now it’s time to get a plan in place! Harbor Shores is a proud sponsor and offer discounted rooms to the participants needing overnight accommodations. Call the hotel directly at 888.746.7371 to book your room and be sure to ask for the “Women’s Weekend Special.” Availability is decreasing as the weekend approaches. To register for the event, CLICK HERE. Please note that hotel reservations and the Women’s Weekend retreat registration must be done separately.

So what are you waiting for? Start calling all your gal pals and take advantage of the Lake Geneva Women’s Weekend. I guarantee you will create memories that will last a life time!

Canopy Tours in Lake Geneva

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Something I’ve always wanted to try is ziplining, and now Lake Geneva has that to offer! Canopy Tours opened up in March of 2011 and offer a 2-2.5 hour eco-adventure through the forest and the neatest part is that they are open year round. I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be to zipline through the forest just after snowfall…

They have 8 ziplines along with a “racing zip” that is 1200 feet long (my stomach drops just thinking of the thrill that provides!), 18 platforms, 5 SkyBridges, a double helix stairway wrapped around an Ash Tree, and 3 tree based spiral stairways. The family could make a day out of it with the welcoming atmosphere they’ve created with picnic areas and 8 miles of hiking/biking trails. We’ve had a ton of guests experience it and had a blast. If you are looking for something different to do and a thrill to go along with it, ziplining is definitely one way to go! Check them out online at If you do go, be sure to tell us what you thought!